If you've had a recent, sincere encounter with a business, you may write a review for them.
- It can be that you purchased a service.
- Even if the transaction was canceled or you didn't finish it, you still explored the website.
- You spoke on the phone, exchanged emails, or engaged in an online chat.
- You went to a retailer, either online or off.
- You made use of a company's goods or services.
- You purchased an item.

What additional prerequisites exist?
- In addition to ensuring that you match one of the scenarios mentioned above, make sure your review is:
- Just discuss your own experiences, not those of others, and any that you've experienced in the last 12 months.

There are some circumstances in which you are unable to post a review on Trustpilot in order to guarantee that all reviews are authentic:

The news and social media are buzzing on this subject.
- A topic that is popular right now on social media or in the news cannot be the subject of a review. It is not appropriate to share political, religious, or social opinions on Trustpilot; instead, limit the content of your review to your own personal experiences with the company's products or services.

An incentive has been extended to you.
- In the event that you have been offered discounts, cash prizes, or loyalty points in return for writing a review, you are not permitted to write one. Companies are prohibited from offering rewards for evaluations.

You and the company are uniquely connected.
- If you or a member of your immediate family owns or works for a business, you are not permitted to post a review of the company or its goods.
- If the company directly competes with one that you either own or work for, you are not permitted to post a review for it.
- You are not permitted to post a review on your interactions with the company that are relevant to your work, including interviews, politics, or hiring procedures.

Note: In the event that you were ever employed by the company, you are able to produce a review based on a sincere purchase or service encounter you had.

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