Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy. This policy outlines your rights to privacy as well as the ways in which we gather, utilize, disclose, transfer, and keep your personal information.

Terminologies used in this policy
The organization in charge of processing your personal data is TrusteeAdvisor A/S, and when we refer to it as "TrusteeAdvisor," "we," "our," or "us," we mean that.
All of TrusteeAdvisor's websites and applications are included when we refer to a "website" or "platform."

Other parties websites
Although our platform has links to external websites, this does not imply that we support those websites. Because these third-party websites' methods for gathering, managing, and processing personal data may differ from ours, we advise you to study their privacy policies 

We operate as an open platform.
We're an open platform, so when you write a feedback, everyone who visits our site can see both your TrusteeAdvisor profile and the review. Visitors of this type can view your nation, all of your reviews; Including those of places and items you've evaluated by clicking on your profile. They can also watch any images or videos you've uploaded of your products. In a similar vein, our platform will display your response if you are a  business user and respond to a review about your organization. Please keep in mind that you may or may not be anonymous based on the details you choose for your username and the information you contribute to your TrusteeAdvisor profile.

Personal information we gather:
Any information that can be used to identify a specific person is considered personal data. The following personal information about you may be gathered and processed by us when you use our platform to create a TrusteeAdvisor user account, write a review, set up a business account on your company's behalf, or in other ways:
• Details of how to get in touch: Your name, email address, and any other contact information you might occasionally give us.
• Information about the device and its location: your location, IP address, and browser preferences (browser type, language, and time zone).
• Details of the user account: Your desired language, location, photo, password, and username.
• Details about the business account: Your password, the name and domain of your business, and any additional facts you decide to include in your business profile, like information on the services your company       provides.
• Utilization and profiling data: Your TrusteeAdvisor search history, your use of our platform and communications you receive from us, including the amount of time you spend on our website, the features and services   you use, the marketing emails you open and the links you click.
• Details regarding ratings and reviews, such as: Which company you reviewed.
• Which item you evaluated.
• Regardless of whether you penned a product, location, or service review.
• The content and star rating of your review.
• Your product's images or videos (should you include them with your review).
• The address of the company you looked at.
• The dates on which you wrote, edited, or removed your review.
• Your order ID, reference number, or something similar (whether issued by the company or by you).

If you submit the information or documents we need in order to validate your experience, we will gather and use it for the reason(s) specified in the request:
• Details on views, likes, and the value that people derive from your review: The number of individuals who have read and found your review to be "useful." If you select "useful" on someone else's evaluation, we also get data.
• Details regarding reports and responses to evaluations from your business account: Name, company information, data about the review you reported, the cause for the report, the date of the report, everything you say in your reaction to a review.
• Your information for verification:
• Details regarding the verification status of your business domain or user account (your confirmation badge).
Information supplied throughout the consumer and business verification processes:
• Both your last and first names.
• Pictures of the files you sent in.
• Details on inquiries you made on a company's website:
• Which company you enquired about.
• The item about which you inquired.
• The question's substance.
• The day on which you posed the query.
• The company's answer to the query.
• The document number and expiration that you provided.
Information obtained via the "Find A reviewer" tool: Businesses can connect with reviewers through Find Reviewer to learn more about them and their experiences. We gather any personal data you choose to give the company, such as your complete name, contact information (phone and email addresses), and reference ID.

Details about preferences: specific consents you have granted or denied, newsletters or similar email preferences, and cookies that save your preferences are some of the preferences linked to your account.
• Information we receive from you via email, such as review alerts, feedback, support requests, and questions, as well as metadata related to such interactions, like time and date, is referred to as communication   information.

Data obtained from external sources, such as social media platforms: Your social media profiles, such as Facebook ("social network"), can be linked to your TrusteeAdvisor profile. Depending on the information you   have made public on the social network and the privacy settings you have established for sharing that information, when you do this, we automatically gather a subset of your social network profile information. We might   get the following data:
• Name, username, or both
• Contact information 
• Email Address
• Display image
You will be informed of the information we will gather from the social network before your request to link your TrusteeAdvisor profile with that profile is processed. Through your TrusteeAdvisor account, you can always unlink your social network profile from your TrusteeAdvisor profile. After that, TrusteeAdvisor will disconnect/revoke TrusteeAdvisor from your social network and delete your unique ID from it. We will keep your name and email address, but your social network profile picture will stay on your TrusteeAdvisor profile unless you alter it.
We kindly request that you do not provide us with any private or sensitive information about you or others, including information about your ethnic background, religion beliefs, or health.

How we get personal information
The majority of the personal data we handle comes directly from you when you give us your information to register for an account, use our platform, or respond to marketing emails. We also collect usage and profiling data from these interactions. Examples of these interactions include posting reviews or leaving replies to reviews. 
We occasionally receive information about you from outside sources. For instance, the data we get from Facebook is instantly pre-filled into your TrusteeAdvisor account when you register through them. Similar to this, businesses provide us with your name, email address, and a reference number, like an order ID or something similar, when they ask us to send you a review invitation.
As you use our services, we also automatically generate or gather information from your computer or device, such as your IP address, location, details about the device and browser you're using to access TrusteeAdvisor, or usage and profiling data, like how you interact with our platform or receive marketing emails.

Who controls the use of your personal information?
Businesses that utilize our services, or us acting on their behalf, may have given you invitations to submit reviews on TrusteeAdvisor. In that case, the businesses will be the data controllers in charge of those invitations and any personal information related to them. We are unable to assist you if you have any queries concerning these invitations or would like to exercise your rights with relation to any data used in that context; instead, please get in touch with the relevant businesses.
TrusteeAdvisor A/S is the data controller with regard to all other personal data related to our platform, including the data you submit when you register, post a review, or send a reply.

Why and how your personal information is used
We could use your personal information to:
• Offer you our services, such as showing your reviews and granting you access to your user account and platform, or granting you access to the business account of your firm and our website.
• Recognize you as a registered user when you return to our platform after logging in.
• Enhance our offerings and platform.
• Answer your inquiries and offer assistance to customers.
• Communicate our send our newsletters to you.
• Conduct a range of internal business activities, including data analysis, audits, fraud prevention and monitoring, product and service development, platform and service enhancements and modifications, including   website development, usage trend analysis, advertising campaign evaluation, and operating and growing business operations.
• To help us raise the caliber of our services, we train our employees and use them for quality control.
• Exercise or adhere to our own legal rights or responsibilities in relation to legal claims, or if needed, for regulatory, auditing, and compliance purposes. For instance, we might have to keep information if it's mandated by law, a court order, or a regulatory agency.

We may also use your personal information, if you have a TrusteeAdvisor user account, to
• Check the legitimacy of the reviews you've written.
• We'd want you to submit more reviews.
• Forward a message from the company you reviewed or the company that asked you to use our platform to review a product or service.
• Confirm If companies or other users flag your review, we will get in touch with you and, if required, request that you send us proof of your review or experience.
• Get in touch with you via email to inquire about the number of times your review has been read, whether other users have found it helpful, or to offer any other comments regarding your review or user account.
• Comply to the terms and conditions

In addition, if you have a business account on TrusteeAdvisor on behalf of your firm, we will use your personal information to:
• Alert you to a review that has been written about your business or goods.
• Check the authenticity of your reviews that you respond to.
• Notify you when users leave comments on your review response or review report.
• Implement our terms and conditions.
Additionally, if we give particular notice at the time of collection, we may use the information in additional ways
Our need to handle your personal information is to:
• Fulfill our obligation to you or your business.
• Utilize our legal rights and obligations, exercise them, and run our online review platform in accordance with the relevant laws.
• Follow justifiable business interests pertaining to running our website and offering you our services. When we treat your personal information on the basis of a legitimate interest, we will only do so if it is pertinent,   sufficient, and restricted to what is required for the intended use for which it was obtained. Of course, we'll always make sure that your rights and freedoms aren't unduly impacted by our legitimate interests.
• When needed, make, assert, or defend legal claims.
You can withdraw your consent at any time by using the tools included in the relevant product feature or by getting in touch with us (see 'Contact us' below) in situations where you have specifically given us permission to process your personal data, such as when you subscribe to our newsletters or allow certain cookies on your device. Please be advised, however, that if one of the other above-mentioned legal basis may be used to support our continued processing of your information, we may be permitted to do so.
You have the right to request a restriction on our use of your personal data or to object to the way we use it. For further information, please refer to the section below titled "Your entitlements."

Who has access to your personal information?
Your private information on TrusteeAdvisor
We post your evaluations on our site so that other users can learn about your interactions with particular companies. Other users of our platform will be able to see your username, your location (country), all of the reviews you have written (including the products and locations you have reviewed, as well as any images or videos you have uploaded of the products), and any other details you have chosen to link to your public profile when you write a review. Additionally, they may see if you have annotated other reviews as "useful."
Keep in mind that using your own name as your username has the potential to identify who you are. We advise you to be cautious about what information you disclose on our platform and to be aware that your anonymity may or may not be affected by the amount of information you choose to provide.
When you join to a social network, we will gather information from your profile, including your name, birth year, and approximate location, and use it to identify you on our platform. Users of our platform may be able to identify the reviews you have written using this information, depending on your privacy settings and the amount of information made public by the social network.
If you have opted to maintain your anonymity by not using your name as your Trustpilot username, be advised that social network data may partially or completely reveal your identity and allow others to determine which evaluations you have posted.

Your personal information on TrusteeAdvisor when you set up a business account for your organization
We will reveal the name, address, domain, and country of your firm as well as any additional information you have selected to be connected to your company's public profile when you register a business account on its behalf. It is advised that you use caution when selecting which information to publish on the website and that you can decide not to share personal data based on the amount of information you choose to release.
Other website users can see other information you submit on the platform, such as your responses to reviews left by people about your business.

Your personal information is shared with other websites, services, and companies
Increasing the visibility and accessibility of reviews is one of TrusteeAdvisor's primary objectives. As a result, we allow other services to display reviews that have been published on our platform, including—but not limited to—company responses to reviews that have been posted there. As a result, more customers and potential customers are aware of Trustpilot and the reviews.
The following types of third-party businesses and services have the ability to display your reviews alongside your publicly visible user profile (or, if you have a business account on TrusteeAdvisor, your responses to reviews of your business):
• Search engines, such as Bing and Google.
• Companies you have rated on TrusteeAdvisor.
• Companies that asked you to write a product review.
• Commercial and consumer portals, such as shopping guides, price comparison websites, etc.
• Platforms and application partners include Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.
• Other comparable websites where people should seek for reviews, according to TrusteeAdvisor's assessment.
• Social Media Platforms
A business can link your review with their invitation if you respond to their invitation by writing a review on TrusteeAdvisor through our review invitation services.
Documentation that you submit us to confirm your interactions with the reviewed company will remain private. To the extent that you request otherwise, we may provide the company with any reference numbers, order IDs, or similar information you may have. The reviewed business will also receive the information you choose to give if you use the Find Reviewer option to reply to a message received by the reviewed business.

Your personal information is disclosed to data processors
Your personal information is disclosed to carefully chosen third parties (such as TrusteeAdvisor subsidiaries, other businesses in the TrusteeAdvisor group, and organizations we collaborate with to deliver our services) who offer us a range of services that support the technical operation of our platform and the provision of our services ("data processors"). These third parties handle personal data for which we are the data controller; they are data processors. The data processors are bound by agreements we have with them for data processing, and as a result, they can only operate in compliance with our directions. By agreeing to this policy, you give us permission to direct data processors to process information in line with this policy and in order to make use of the platform
We conduct audits to make sure data processors have implemented appropriate organizational and technical safeguards to prevent information from being lost, corrupted, accidentally destroyed, or used improperly. We also make sure that data processors have taken reasonable precautions to prevent information from being disclosed to third parties, misused, or processed in a way that violates data protection laws.
Certain third-party services and data processors may be situated in nations with different or laxer data protection regulations than the one in which you are headquartered. Nevertheless, we will make sure that the required measures are in place to protect your data, regardless of location, subject to the local legislation in these countries. Our approach involves implementing suitable technical, organizational, and administrative security measures together with establishing corresponding legal contracts to reinforce these demands. We shall, for instance, only send personal user data from European users beyond the European Economic Area if a mechanism for confirming the transfer has been established and approved by the European Commission.

Additional disclosures
• In addition to the parties mentioned above, we also share your personal information with the following groups under the following conditions:
• To abide by the law or to react to demands made by the public and government authorities, legal process (such as subpoenas and court orders, among others), and claims.
• To assist government agencies and regulatory bodies in their investigations and case referrals.
• In relation to the enforcement of our business terms and conditions, reviewer guidelines, business terms and conditions, and business guidelines, to third parties.
• To other parties so that we can safeguard our business operations and those of our affiliates.
• To other parties in order to safeguard our property, rights, privacy, safety, and/or that of our affiliates, you, and other people.
• To other parties so that we can mitigate the damages we could experience or pursue available remedies.
• To other parties so that we may look into, stop, or take appropriate action in relation to suspected or confirmed illegal acts, such as fraud and improper use of our platform.
•  In the event that all or any portion of our business or assets are reorganized, merged, acquired, sold, joint ventured, assigned, transferred, or otherwise disposed of, to third parties (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings).

For what length of time do we keep your personal information?
We save your information just as long as necessary or as long as we are compelled by law to do so. This is contingent upon the purpose of the data collection and whether we maintain a continuous legal basis for doing so (e.g., to fulfill our contractual obligations, carry out your requested service, comply with legal mandates, or protect our legitimate interests). Your data will be deleted or anonymized so that it can no longer be used to identify you when we have no legitimate reason to maintain it. You have the right to request that your personal data be deleted at any time, as detailed under 'Your rights' below. Our handling of data varies based on its intended use.
Your evaluations and other personal information you submit are stored for the duration of your TrusteeAdvisor account or as long as is necessary to fulfill our service obligations to you. Should you decide to remove your user account, we will keep a log that contains your name, email address, and the date that the account was deleted. The log will be retained for three years. In rare circumstances, we may keep certain information even after you cancel your TrusteeAdvisor account because we are compelled to by law or because we have strong business interests in doing so. We may keep certain data for extended periods of time for a variety of reasons, such as security, preventing fraud and platform misuse, adhering to legal or regulatory requirements, and protecting our lawful business.
We retain personal information we obtain from businesses who utilize our automated services to invite you to a review for a period of three years.

How do we safeguard your personal information?
Protecting the privacy of your personal information is our top concern. We routinely check our system for vulnerabilities and employ a variety of organizational, technical, and administrative safeguards to protect your personal data while it is under our care. We cannot, however, guarantee or ensure the security of the information you communicate to us because the internet is not a perfectly secure environment. We advise against sending any sensitive information in emails to us over the platform since they might not be encrypted.
We constantly strive to enhance our security procedures and guidelines, and we will update this material as necessary.

Do we utilize cookies?
Cookies and related technologies are used by us for advertising as well as to assist provide, optimize, personalize, and analyze our services.
To gather information for use in accordance with the objectives specified in this policy, we employ a mix of cookies and other technologies, including pixels and tracking codes.

What is meant by a cookie?
A cookie is a little text file that your web browser requests to be placed on your computer or device in response to websites you visit or apps you use. Cookies help us gather the data we need to deliver you the most consistent and relevant experience possible by storing things like your preferences and settings. In order to track how you use our services and determine whether trials or new upgrades were successful, we also employ cookies to store information about these initiatives. Our website may contain cookies that are set by us, our partner companies, or independent third parties like advertising.

What do pixels mean?
Within a web page or email are tiny, translucent image files called pixels. We make use of them to learn about your interactions with our services, such as with our email marketing.
racking codes: what are they?
Coding fragments known as tracking codes are inserted into websites to track things like visits and interactions. We employ tracking codes to learn more about your interactions with our services, the advertisements you view, and your overall platform usage.
For additional information on the many kinds of cookies and related technologies we employ, please refer to our Cookie Policy.

Your entitlements
If you have a TrusteeAdvisor user account, you can log in at any time to see, modify, download, or remove the important personal information related to your profile. You may also adjust your email subscription settings from this page.
Regarding the personal information we possess about you, you also have rights. These rights might be restricted, for instance, if responding to your request might expose another person's personal information or if you ask us to remove information that we are legally compelled to retain or that serves our compelling legitimate interests. You have the right to file a complaint with a data protection authority if your concerns remain unanswered. To learn more about how to accomplish that, please go to the Privacy section of our support team.

Access and obtain your personal information
You can access and download account-related data, such as reviews, by logging in if you have a TrusteeAdvisor user account. To learn more about how to accomplish that, see our Support Center's Privacy section.
You can email [email protected] to seek details about your personal data if you have a business account on TrusteeAdvisor or if you don't have an account at all.

Modification and erasure of your personal information
You may amend, remove, or alter any personal information we may hold about you via your TrusteeAdvisor user account if it is inaccurate or misleading, if your personal information changes, or if you would like to no longer be visible on the platform. If not, feel free to send an email to [email protected] asking for your information to be updated or removed.

Additional rights
In addition to the rights mentioned above regarding your personal data, you also have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data and the right to object to its processing (especially in situations where processing is not necessary to comply with legal requirements or contractual obligations, such as when processing is done for direct marketing purposes).
In cases where we have requested your approval, you are free to change your mind at any moment. You have the option to revoke your consent by contacting us or by utilizing the tool offered by the relevant product. Your request to stop TrusteeAdvisor from processing your data won't impact any processing that has already taken place then.
For further details about erasing your data, see to "How long do we store your personal data?"

American rights to privacy
Additional information about the personal data we gather about American consumers is provided in this section. These consumers have rights under federal, state, and local data protection and privacy laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, California Privacy Rights Act, and Virginia Consumer Data Privacy Act (collectively, the "U.S. Privacy Laws").
In this section, "personal data" or "personal information" is defined in accordance with the applicable U.S. privacy laws.
See the section above under "Personal data we collect" for further information about the personal information we gather. We gather this information for the reasons listed above under "Why and how we use your personal data." We provide this information to the following types of other parties  categories listed above under "Who may access your personal data."

You have several rights about the personal information we hold about you under U.S. privacy laws, and we're dedicated to using those rights where they apply. Please refer to the section above under "Your rights" for further information about your rights about our processing of your personal information.
You have several rights about the personal information we hold about you under U.S. privacy laws, and we're dedicated to using those rights where they apply. Please refer to the section above under "Your rights" for further information about your rights about our processing of your personal data.

We promise not to treat you unfairly if you exercise any of your rights in compliance with US privacy laws. In accordance with your rights, you can submit a request to us by mail at the address provided below or by email at [email protected]. We will use the details linked to your account, such as the email address, to validate your request. You can assign these rights to a designated agent to act on your behalf.
You have the right to object to the sale or transfer of your personal information to outside parties under US privacy laws. Although TrusteeAdvisor will never sell your data for profit, we do provide you the option to opt out in order to comply with U.S. privacy laws when we transmit your data to our partners for purposes like showing you tailored ads or making service improvements. We only use this type of data transfer when we think it will improve your experience, our quality of service, or the delivery of material you would find interesting.
Please make use of the options on our special Do Not Sell or Share My Info page to adjust your privacy settings and refuse the sale or sharing of your personal information. Alternatively, you can reach us by mail using the information provided below or by email at [email protected].

Information for children
Children under the age of sixteen are not the target audience for our site, and we do not knowingly collect personal information from them. Please get in touch with us using the details shown below if you learn that a kid under the age of 16 has given us personal information.
Modifications to this policy
This policy may be modified from time to time. Laws, rules, and industry standards change, and we might have to adjust our services or business model to accommodate these changes. To keep you informed, we will announce any changes on this page and invite you to read our Privacy Policy.

Reach out to us
We will give you more notice if we make changes that significantly affect your privacy rights, for example, by email or on our platform. Once we post or notify you of the policy changes, your continued use of our platform or services will be interpreted as your acceptance and agreement to the amended terms.
We have tried to be as transparent and unambiguous as we can with this information. If you would want to exercise your rights under our policy or if you still have questions about how we process your personal data, please email [email protected] to our Data Protection Officer.
We can be contacted by mail at:
A/S TrusteeAdvisor
You have other choices if getting in touch with us doesn't fix your issue. For instance, you can file a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency or another supervisory body for data protection. Further information about it is available in our Support Center's Privacy section
Additional resources on data privacy are available in our Support Center.

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