Users Terms / Conditions

Users Terms / Conditions


An open-access online review platform called TrusteeAdvisor connects customers and businesses to promote cooperation and trust. We are transparent, free to use, and available to anyone.

When we refer to "our platform," we mean the review platform as well as any other subdomains, subdirectories, or comparable platforms, websites, or mobile apps that we run and make available to you.

We ask that you read these terms of use (henceforth referred to as the "terms") before using our platform so that you are aware of what is expected of you and what you may anticipate from us. The following rules, regulations, and policies are referred to by these phrases, and they also govern how you use our platform:

• Our Privacy Policy, which details the information we gather and how we utilize it when you use our platform (for more details, see section 12 below)

• Our Guidelines for Reviewers, which specify how you need to and ought not to utilize our platform (for more details, see section 5 below)

• Our codes, policies, and operating procedures are available on (the "policies"); for further details, see section 5 below.

You must accept these conditions in order to understand your legal rights and obligations, regardless of whether you just want to browse and search for companies or reviews on TrusteeAdvisor or if you want to write a review yourself. You must always accept these conditions in order to use our site and have access to it. Therefore, you must not access or use our platform at any time if you disagree with these conditions or find it impossible to comply with them. To be clear, these terms will apply to all of your usage of our site.

By doing any of the following, you consent to these terms: 

(a) By using our platform to browse, access, search, write reviews, or in any other way; 

(b) By checking a box or button or by expressing your agreement to these terms in any other way.

Just so you know, any time a word or expression is defined in "quotation marks," it always means the same thing.


The steps to access and utilize our platform are outlined below.

1. You and TrusteeAdvisor: When we refer to "you" or "your," we mean the individual who uses our platform to browse, access, search, write reviews, or in any other way. Depending on where in the world you are accessing our platform, when we refer to "TrusteeAdvisor," "we," "our," or "us," we mean the TrusteeAdvisor entity that you enter into a contract with under these terms. For additional information about which TrusteeAdvisor entity you are dealing with, refer to section 26 of these terms, "Our contracting entities and governing law.

2. Products and services provided by third parties: On our platform, we may make use of, show you, and/or link to third-party technologies, goods, and/or services. We disown any responsibility for any such third-party technology, goods, or services, and we neither support nor make any guarantees or promises in this regard. Please be aware that we are unable to guarantee that your browser, network, or computer configuration will operate with our platform.

3. User account creation: This is a prerequisite for any action on our platform, with the exception of browsing, such as leaving a review, commenting on, liking, or flagging a review. A single user account may only be created by you. It is forbidden to give someone else access to your user account since it is personal to you.

You can sign in to the platform with your Google or Facebook account, or you can use your email address and the verification code we send to you, in order to create a user account. Your name may occasionally be automatically generated while creating an account. For instance, whether you join up with Facebook or click on a review invitation following a purchase or service.

Additionally, you must select a username that will appear on the platform anytime you write a review, leave a comment on a review, or publish user-generated content—that is, any image, review, or other piece of content created or submitted by you—on the platform ("user generated content"). Your username enables other people to recognize you. Recall that using your actual name as your login has the potential to identify who you are. The following cannot be in your username:

• something damaging, vile, prejudiced, slanderous, vulgar, or unlawful;

• the phrases "Admin," "Guest," ".dk," or ".com," among others; and

• attributes that are owned by a third party or someone else, like someone else's name.

You are solely in charge of deciding who has access to and uses your user account. As an illustration:

• It is your responsibility to keep your user account private and secure. You should never give out your email address or verification code to any parties. In the event that you believe any of your login credentials have been compromised or exploited, please notify us right away by use this form.

• You warrant that you will maintain the accuracy and completeness of all data associated with your user account, including your email address. To modify your username, simply log into your user account and follow the instructions.

• All behavior associated with your user account, such as reviews, comments, and user-generated content, is your responsibility.

• You can also decide to use our platform's quick and simple processes to verify your identity. You will be required to choose a photo ID, snap a selfie, and take a picture of your selected ID throughout the verification process. We manage your information securely and safely, as our Privacy Policy explains

4. Your principal duties: The following guidelines must be followed when use our platform:

• You acknowledge that you will only use our platform in accordance with these terms, our policies, and our Guidelines for Reviewers.

• You have to be older than 18.

• You are not allowed to compromise our platform's integrity or security.

• You agree not to use our platform in any way that could hinder its operation or impede the use of others.

• It is strictly forbidden for you to introduce or upload any content onto our site that contains malicious code or viruses.

• You are not allowed to compose, submit, or take part in the purchase of phony reviews. When we talk about fake reviews, we're talking about testimonials that don't accurately represent a company's products or services, or reviews that have been posted in an effort to sway customers' opinions or disparage a specific company.

• You may not engage in any activity that could be construed as deceptive, offensive, illegal, infringing upon the rights of others, or inconsistent with our policies and Guidelines for Reviewers.

• No portion of our platform may be altered, duplicated, altered, reproduced, disassembled, decompiled, reverse-engineered, or have its source code extracted.

• You are not permitted to behave in an aggressive or disrespectful way against any partner, customer, employee, or other platform user of TrusteeAdvisor. In any circumstance, including communications with our support teams, we will not stand for any kind of harassment or abuse directed towards our TrusteeAdvisor staff.

• It is prohibited for you to use our platform for marketing reasons, including promoting yourself or any services, goods, or companies, or to post evaluations that are primarily promotional in character.

• It is prohibited for you to use our platform to create or offer any functionality or services that rival our platform.

5. Our policies and reviewer's guidelines:

Respecting and abiding by our policies and Guidelines for Reviewers is required when accessing or utilizing our site. Without prior notice, we reserve the right to alter and modify our rules, including the Guidelines for Reviewers. Any modifications we make will take effect right away and won't require your further approval, affirmation, or action.

6 .Properties of TrusteeAdvisor; Everything on our site is our property, with the exception of third-party content, such as reviews (see section 7 below). All intellectual property related to the layout, appearance, and feel of our platform, including any trademarks, logos, and graphics (collectively, "our brand"), is owned by us. You acknowledge that unless we specifically give you permission to do so, you may not reproduce, distribute, alter, or make any other use of our platform's content or trademark. This means that unless we expressly provide you permission to do so, you are not permitted to utilize our brand or any other content on our platform, including TrusteeAdvisor and user-submitted reviews.

7. Your properties; Any user-generated material that you upload to or send over our platform is your property, and you are accountable for it. Additionally, you warrant that you possess all the authorizations required to produce and/or utilize this kind of user-generated content. Your user-generated content will be publicly displayed on our platform and any third-party services and networks (like Google) indefinitely, unless removed by you or by us for breaching our Guidelines for Reviewers.

8. TrusteeAdvisor's permission to utilize content you've created; You give us permission to use, alter, publish, and display user-generated content anywhere in the world in any way, without any restrictions, and without paying you anything for generating, submitting, uploading, or displaying it on our platform. Additionally, you consent to us using this license to share your user-generated material with other businesses, individuals, or our customers for any reason, including publication, distribution, marketing, or syndication. Additionally, you give us the authority to file a copyright infringement lawsuit against anyone who utilizes your user-generated content without first obtaining authorization from TrusteeAdvisor or you. This includes a right under Copyright Section 101A, if appropriate.

9. Review; We value your opinions, thoughts, and recommendations on our platform (the "review"), and you are free to utilize it indefinitely without any restrictions or cost to you. To be clear, this implies that we reserve the right to use, quote, and/or make reference to any written content or comments you send us.

10. Challenges and Assistance: Through our Help Center, we offer assistance articles that should assist you in the majority of circumstances if you run into difficulties. If you've explored our Help Center and still need assistance, you may use this form to get in touch with our support team to learn more about online support for our platform.

11. Neutrality: We appreciate you using our platform to browse, share, listen to, and learn about the companies we represent by acting as an online middleman. You must always adhere to our Guidelines for Reviewers and only submit user-generated information that is honest and objective when utilizing our site.

Data use and privacy

Below, we go over the types of data we get and how we use it when you use our platform.

12. Personal information: We will handle the personal information we gather about you when you use our platform in compliance with our privacy policy.

Private data

We take appropriate security measures to safeguard your private information, and we expect you to do the same for ours.

13. Preserving its confidentiality: You might disclose sensitive information to us through our platform, and you might learn about sensitive information about us. With the exception of the situations in which we share confidential information with our affiliates—that is, any businesses with which we are affiliated—and/or when you provide feedback, which does not qualify as confidential information—you and we both agree to take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized individuals, entities, or other third parties from accessing each other's confidential information.

Dismissal and confinement:

When your access to our platform may be canceled or suspended is explained below.

14. Our rights: If you violate or threaten to violate any of these terms, our Guidelines for Reviewers, and/or our policies, we have the right to immediately cancel or suspend your access to your user account, or to filter user-generated content.

15. Your right: You have the option to remove your user account at any moment, in which case all of your reviews will be removed from our platform and you will be unable to leave new ones.

Liability and disclaimer

We strongly advise you to carefully read these parts through as they delineate the extent of our and your obligation and liability.

16. WE ONLY HAVE LIABILITY TO YOU FOR FORESEEABLE LOSSES AND DAMAGES THAT WE HAVE CAUSED DIRECTLY. In the event that we don't follow these terms, we'll be held accountable for any predictable losses and damages you incur 

17. WE DO NOT WARRANT THAT THE PLATFORM WILL ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE. The platform is offered "as is," devoid of any kind of guarantee.


This section describes the procedures for resolving conflicts.

18. Conflict resolution: Please use this form to contact us, and we will promptly and satisfactorily address the majority of your problems. We both agree to limit the jurisdiction of any claims we make to the states specified in section 26 of these conditions, which deals with governing law and our contracting entities, if we are unable to resolve the dispute.

Significant housekeeping

Kindly review these supplemental terms.

19. Modifications to the terms: These agreements are subject to change at any time and without prior notice to you. You are responsible for making sure you always refer to, read, comprehend, and accept the most recent version of these conditions because any modifications will take effect immediately upon their posting and won't require your further approval, affirmation, or action

20. Modifications to our website: We reserve the right to update and modify all or a portion of our platform without prior notification to you. For operational or business-related reasons, we may also choose to restrict, withdraw, or suspend the availability of all or a portion of our platform.

21. Uncontrollable events: We try to exert as much control as we can. If an event or condition beyond our reasonable control prevents us from performing any of our responsibilities under these terms, we will not be liable to you.

22. Contacting Us: Please use this form to get in touch with our support team if you would want to talk with us.

23. Communication: All additional communications and notices provided in accordance with these terms must be made in English, even though we may send you some materials in a different language. If we translate any of these terms, it's just for your convenience; the original English text will always be used. Regarding the content or correctness of any translated versions of these terms, we shall not be liable or responsible.

24. Terms enforcement: Any provision of these terms that you or we are not legally permitted to enforce will be disregarded, but the remaining provisions will still be binding.

25. Explanation: Terms such as "include," "like," and "for example" do not impose any restrictions; rather, they refer only to our own discretion in each situation.

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